“Cleaning out the past, packing up the present and preparing for a much better future…”

10 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter

It is what it is…



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there you go, squidword! #fromTUMBLR



Taking a test that you have not prepared for.

Good luck to my tenth graders. 🙂




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 #Happy Birthday, Beyonce! 🙂 



It’s what I hold on to 

When I attempt to make sense of everything, 

When I struggle to find my way, 

When I remind myself to keep going on,

In the midst of all confusion… 

Grounded Perspective

Thankful that students are back once again

Thankful that in a few days, I’ll find myself in the classroom

teaching important lessons in History

Thankful that in a few days, I’ll be sitting in my graduate school classes

learning about important lessons in History

Because they all remind me of why I’m in this place, in the first place 

MBTI Type Quotes

Confession: I don’t get to the syllabus until Thursday.

A fresh perspective on the the first days of school practices

Brianna Lynn

Today was the much anticipated first day of the new school year. Students streamed through the building in their finest new outfits. Teachers greeted students with broad smiles hiding the butterflies and willing with all their might that this school year will be the best yet!

Every year, I try to improve my student’s first day experience. While I used to hand out syllabus, a list of expectations, and a lecture about plagiarism, I have since evolved to reading sections of text, asking students to write about their first-day, and playing a game of two truths and a lie.

This year, I continued to build my constructivist approach by taking the pieces that have received good feedback from previous years and trying both high and low tech updates. See the ideas below and let me know if you’ve tried similar tactics.

Spotify school playlist.

Last year I caved and finally…

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